Compare and contrast spirituality and religion; discuss the relationship of spirituality to values, natural law, and personal development. The groups are designed to develop a new perspective on spirituality, overcome religious prejudice, gain insight into one’s moral nature, allowing the patient to search for their true spiritual path and understand the effects of chemical dependency on the spiritual self.

Spirituality Course:  Giving our Patients a Choice in Treatment

At Choices, we offer patients a variety of treatment methods that allow them to choose their path to recovery.  We believe a person will be more comfortable during the process of healing if they have the type of program that suits their beliefs or preferences.  For that reason, we provide the following methodologies to make sure there is something for everyone who comes to us for treatment:

  • Faith-Based

For the patient who is receptive to Christian principles, the Faith-Based track is composed of guided 12-Steps Bible Study, in addition to spiritual lectures, New Life Recovery,12-Step modality, sermons, Mass, and concepts of recovery taught. Outside church services are also provided on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Catholic Recovery

Patients attend Mass and work through a program which helps Catholics to see how the Seven Sacraments and their true faith is a way of building and maintaining their relationship with God. This gives the patient a spiritual means to achieve and maintain sobriety and resumes their spiritual growth and progress when they are sober.

  • Self-Help

For the patient who doesn’t feel comfortable in religious or support groups, the self-help track consists of lectures and groups on addiction or recovery topics. Patients may choose to attend on-site NA/AA meetings, study groups, and martial arts.

  • Holistic

For the patient who is interested in learning more about spiritual paths, enhanced therapies, Eastern philosophies and looking into one’s awareness, we offer many viewpoints from different spiritual pathways, as well as various techniques and spiritual lectures.

  • Indigenous

For the patient who enjoys alternative spiritual beliefs and cultural identity differences, we offer 12-Step indigenous groups. Choices Recovery views each person as an individual and treats all tribal beliefs and ceremonies with respect and dignity. This group guides patients on the healing path of recovery so that they can stand in a healthy way within their tribal communities.

Not only are our clients able to choose from the above, but we also offer a comprehensive list of activities and classes that help build confidence, restore self-esteem, and encourage accountability.  Our staff is highly skilled and compassionate and are devoted to treating our clients with the utmost respect at all times.   In our facility, clients enjoy a comforting atmosphere where they can let go of daily demands of the outside world and focus entirely on healing.

If you or a loved one is ready to choose a treatment program, we invite you to call our toll-free number today.  At Choices, someone is always available to assist you.  As you can see from the above list, we have the treatment approach you need, so don’t hesitate to call now.


5 thoughts on “Spirituality

  1. Bryce Leftwood says:

    I feel like spirituality plays a much bigger role in treatment and healing than most people realize. For me, a faith based recovery is essential. I am extremely interested in this 12 step system that is setup.

  2. Lilly says:

    I really like this article, the way it describes the different programs and directions that the treatment programs take, as well as the fact that Choices Recovery offers such a wide variety of treatment programs to cater to the different types of people that come through their center. But I don’t think they do it just so that different people from different faiths can be happy that they are doing a program that works within their faith. I think that they really understand the fact that spirituality plays a very key role is drug addiction and recovery, and I am really glad to see that they make sure that these options are provided. I personally think that the indigenous 12 steps program is very interesting. I wonder if that is open to anyone or if you should be Native American… I hope that each option is open to any type of person, because who knows, maybe they are not religious or spiritual at all when they start out, but go on to find their place during their recovery.

  3. Basil G. says:

    Loved this article. Wish I had known about this center when I was suffering with addiction. It would have made a big difference for me! Couldn’t agree more when the author impresses upon the importance of including a spiritual approach in any rehab center. I get that this might now be perfect for some, but that’s why they have it set up as an optional course to take, and not as required one. It would have done wonders for me, but I can see how others might not want to pursue a spiritual route.

    My son certainly didn’t. He absolutely loved the SMART Recovery track though. He suffered with addiction recently, like I did many years ago, and my wife and I put him in Choices Recovery as soon as we found out about it and as soon as we found and talked to this center. We couldn’t be more happy with our decision either. We were very concerned about him as soon ascwe discovered that he was abusing drugs, and I of course had all of my old fears and concerns kick in from my ancient days as a substance abuser myself. Days I had all but forgotten about. But Choices was there for us and they helped us immensely.

    My son’s abuse of prescription drugs had gotten so bad that it was threatening his life. That’s actually how we had found out that he was addicted; my wife and I came across him when he was overdosing, and he nearly lost his life as a result of that very overdose. At no point in my previous substance abuse did I ever come close to death, though I did almost wrap my truck around a telephone pole on more than one occasion. That just goes to show you how much more deadly addiction and substance abuse is today than it was a couple decades ago.

    Thankfully though Choices Recovery was there for us. As a religious man, I thanked God for this occurrence, and I love that this article shows that Choices offers both religious and non-religious approaches. My son went to Choices for treatment and, though he was not interested in the routes I had recommended, he was able to make great gains thanks to SMART Recovery, and he made friends at the center with the staff and other clients both.

    I take my hat off to Choices Recovery, and after reading this and other articles that they have been posting I am convinced that this is truly probably the best rehab program I could have possibly sent my son to. This rehab center simply has it all perfectly put together. They have knowledgable staff, a well put together program, a desire to help, a nice and clean and pretty facility, and a multi-track approach to handling addiction that is revolutionary and unbeatable. I give this rehab center five stars, and I am eternally grateful to them for saving my son’s life! Keep fighting the good fight Serenity Recovery! My family and I stand by you and will cheer you on!

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