Crooked Thinking

This crooked thinking group consists of topics on current event issues relating to substance abuse, human rights violations, and criminal thinking patterns.  It encourages patients to integrate healthy thinking and decision making into their lives to eliminate substance abuse and illegal issues, resulting in a change of future life direction. This helps the patient understand the basics of human rights, morals and ethics, and apply these to their lives.

Addicts Must Change Their Crooked Thinking to Save Their Lives

Men and women suffering from substance abuse are incapable of making correct decisions. Their crooked thinking causes the loss of their job, family, friends, place to live, and money. Impulsive decisions are made to support their habit leading to hurting others or themselves, stealing, lying and cheating. This often results in legal issues including being arrested, going to court, paying court fees and fines, jail or prison time.

The addiction also causes physical ailments like weight loss, skin disorders, insomnia, fatigue, and brain damage. The function of internal organs is slowed; and the abuse also affects the heart, lungs, and immune system. Psychological consequences include depression, hallucinations, low confidence, paranoia, memory loss and mood swings. If the addict does not seek help, continued abuse will lead to severe illness, disease, stroke, coma or death.

Crooked Thinking Involves Self-Defeating Thoughts

Crooked thinking involves self-defeating thoughts that put the addict on a path of destruction for themselves and others. They may intentionally hurt others to get what they need or unintentionally do so. They justify their actions with numerous reasons such as:

  • blaming their parents and going in their same footsteps
  • blaming others or situations that they cannot cope with by abusing to numb the pain
  • settling for the thought that they are an addict and that is what they do and all they know
  • everyone thinks they are a terrible person so they might as well live up to that reputation

Most addicts deny that they are harming themselves or putting themselves at risk. They think that just “one more” will not hurt them since it has not affected them thus far. When starting the steps of recovery, many feel it is too hard to be good, too much work, not fun or too much to think about. They prefer to live in their fantasy world instead of being a productive person who thinks realistically.

Addicts lack common sense and knowing right from wrong. Their crooked thinking does not allow them to change to become a better person for themselves or family including any children they may have. They have a difficult time staying focused on what they should be doing. Instead, they prefer to remain on the path that will ultimately destroy their life.

Healthy Thinking Helps Eliminate Substance Abuse

Healthy thinking and decision making in their lives will gradually eliminate substance abuse and the illegal issues that stem from this addiction. There may be a few setbacks, but the addict has to be open to improving their thinking patterns and replacing bad thoughts with good thoughts.

Addicts need to change their thinking from negative, crooked and criminal to positive and productive. The steps to recovery may be overwhelming but can be taken in baby steps. Focusing on one hurdle at a time instead of too many decisions and choices will slowly get them used to a better life. Part of this process is first to face any consequences of their actions including legal ramifications. Then, with the help and support of family, friends, and professionals, they can walk a better path to change their future life direction.

One thought on “Crooked Thinking

  1. Lilly says:

    I think that what is covered in this article is really something to consider. Because when you are not in such a situation, that there is nothing more important than getting the next fix, and blaming others for the life they are leading, you might think that addicts are just being stupid or you might not understand why they act or think the way they do. When you want to help them it is definitely important to realize that they are not following common sense and that they need to start seeing what is really there, if they want to make real change. It will be difficult but in the end they can lead a real life, and maybe even a great life.

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