Substance Abuse and Prevention Guide

The abuse of drugs and alcohol is a serious issue that affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every day. Drugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each has their unique effects on the user. Finding sobriety after dealing with drug and alcohol abuse can be a difficult and trying task. Educate yourself on the forms that drugs and alcohol abuse can take and discover ways to treat and prevent future problems with drugs and alcohol.


Drug abuse is a chronic, relapsing brain condition that causes people to seek and use drugs, no matter how harmful the drugs are. Over time, a drug addiction can become worse and lead to hospitalization or even death. Often, drug abusers will go to any amount of risk in order to obtain the drugs they need to fuel their addiction. They may even violate the trust of their loved ones, whether it’s stealing money from friends or family in order to buy drugs or pawning their stolen goods for even more drug money.

There are a variety of drugs that people can become addicted to. Prescription drug abuse has become one of the most popular types of drug abuse. Many times, patients are prescribed medication due to an injury and become so reliant on the feeling of relief the medication provides that they become addicted to it. Other drugs that people form habits around include marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and methadone. Abuse of these drugs can lead to long-term medical issues such as heart attack and stroke. Unfortunately, prolonged abuse of any of these drugs can also lead to death.

Fortunately, there are organizations dedicated to educating individuals about the dangers of drug abuse. Many of these organizations visit schools to educate young people and also point people who are abusing drugs in a direction towards recovery. With the right information and a helping hand to guide, these drug abuse campaigns and organizations have helped thousands of people addicted to drugs obtain the medical attention and help they need to find sobriety.


Alcohol is a type of drug that is more readily available to more people and, therefore, it is abused more frequently. Because drinking is a socially acceptable activity, it is not always easy to see alcohol abuse. Many people take part in drinking on a daily basis. Some people may think they are drinking socially, but if alcohol is being consumed to cope with a feeling or deal with a problem, it is being abused. If alcohol is being consumed in vast amounts at a rapid pace very frequently, it is being abused. Alcohol abuse can become a problem very quickly if the ways it is being consumed are not monitored.

Of course, anyone under the legal drinking age of 21 should not be consuming alcohol at all. Unfortunately, you can develop a dependency to alcohol no matter what age you start consuming it. Factors such as genetics, the way you were raised, the ways in which you socialize, and other factors such as emotional state all play a part in developing a dependency on alcohol. People who develop a habit of binge drinking often have difficulty maintaining friendships and sometimes even their jobs. Luckily, there are many organizations dedicated to spreading awareness about alcohol abuse, and plenty of resources for those who are struggling with alcohol abuse. Understanding the struggle and knowing what you can do to prevent developing a dependency on alcohol is the best defense against alcohol abuse.


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