Per Wickstrom

It was because of Per Wickstrom’s personal experience with drug addiction and recovery; he opened Choices Recovery Program. Mr. Wickstrom believes that no matter what mistakes you’ve made in the past and no matter what your age is, you can overcome anything, be successful and lead a healthy life. Mr. Wickstrom was able to do this himself after he had suffered from addiction for over 22-years.

To understand how important it is to Mr. Wickstrom to help others overcome their addictions, it’s good to know his story. At the age of 14, he was overcome with grief when his then-girlfriend broke up with him. He searched for comfort in anything he could find, which is when he discovered his first beer. He used beer to run away from his problems instead of facing them; beer leads him to vodka, which ultimately leads him to cocaine. Drugs were his way of escaping the realities of life that he didn’t want to face.

At the age of 38, he noticed drugs had taken over his life and took away everything he once enjoyed. He decided he needed to get sober and found help, through a treatment center that got him clean. Once he graduated, he decided to help others beat their addictions like he did and opened up his treatment centers, including an Indiana-based facility; Choices Recovery.

Why Wickstrom Opened Choices Recovery

Mr. Wickstrom wanted to open a recovery center that provided fitness, nutrition and whole-person wellness in an upscale, green environment. Choices Recovery is a place where clients can participate in a treatment program that aims to address every contributing factor in addiction. Mr. Wickstrom didn’t like that the four other rehab facilities he had gone to didn’t give him a choice in his recovery treatment. Thus he wanted clients at Choices Recovery not to feel forced to participate in a treatment plan they weren’t comfortable with.

CEO and Choices Recovery Gives Back to the Community

Mr. Wickstrom has always enjoyed volunteering and helping the local community in anyway that he can. He believes it gives clients an opportunity to apply the new skills they have learned and gives them a chance to enjoy sobriety while bringing joy to others. All of Choices Recovery’s events can be found on our YouTube channel; some of the most recent events Mr. Wickstrom and Choices Recovery have been involved in include:

Oscar Weekend 2015

Choices Recovery sponsored EcoLuxe Lounge in the Stardust Penthouse at the Beverly Hilton. The EcoLuxe Lounge is a promotional gathering of socially conscious and ecologically sustainable products and services. Mr. Wickstrom had an opportunity to sit with Chase Masterson and discuss addiction and the effects that it has on everyone. Chase talked about how there are many forms of addiction and that there is no shame in going to a place that can help you.

RocknRolla Movies Awards

Choices Recovery had the opportunity to sponsor Durkin Entertainment’s “RocknRolla Movie Awards” EcoLuxe Lounge at the Avalon Hollywood. During the celebrity interview, Chase Masterson and Adrienne Janic talked about the successes that Adrienne had enjoyed over the years by staying free from the temptations in the entertainment industry. Mr. Wickstrom and Choices Recovery are committed to raising awareness and shining a light on the positivity that can be enjoyed through a substance-free lifestyle.

Interview with Karen Salkin

On February 21st, 2015, Mr. Wickstrom had the opportunity to speak with Karen Salkin from “ItsNotAboutMe.TV” about her view on substance abuse at the Salute to the Oscars event. She mentions that she is proof that you can have a great time without drugs and drinking. When she was a club promoter, she saw how bad things got when everyone was drunk and now promotes that there isn’t a whole lot of fun involved in substance abuse.

A Salute to the Oscars with Brett Stimely

Mr. Wickstrom had the opportunity to talk with film and TV star Brett Stimely and AMP Radio’s Chris Booker at a Salute to the Oscars about some of the problems of substance abuse that has been seen over Brett’s time in the Hollywood scene. Brett talked about how there is less cocaine nowadays at parties, but there are different drugs, such as meth. He mentioned how a friend is hooked on meth and how bad of shape he is in because of it. Choices Recovery and Mr. Wickstrom were glad to have been able to spread awareness about substance abuse with celebrities from the event.

Sundance Film Festival 2016

Choices Recovery and Mr. Wickstrom sponsored the EcoLuxe Lounge at the Blue Iguana in downtown Park City on January 23rd through the 24th. At the EcoLuxe Lounge was a variety of holistic and eco-friendly products and service providers. During the event, How2Girl Courtney Sixx and Aldis Hodge, who portrayed MC Ren in Straight Outta Compton, talked about Aldis’ strength in being able to stay off of the dangerous path of substance abuse.

Interview with Gretchen Rossi

During 2015’s Salute to the Oscars celebration, host and reality TV star, Gretchen Rossi, held red carpet interviews with some of Hollywood’s notables. She also interviewed Mr. Wickstrom regarding his cause and his goals in bringing his message to Los Angeles from Indiana. Mr. Wickstrom had the opportunity to bring awareness of addiction to Los Angeles and was able to talk about Choices Recovery and its benefits.

Per Wickstrom is dedicated to promoting how leading a substance-free life is the best path a person can take. It is for that reason that Choices Recovery sponsors events and has discussions with celebrities about substance abuse in order stop addiction before it happens.