10 Dangerous Effects of Hallucinogens

There are several different kinds of hallucinogens. They are found all over the world; the popularity depends or your geographical location. These are the most potent mood and emotional altering drugs. The high can last 15- 20 minutes but as long as 2 days. Depending on the dosage it can be an upper or a downer; less is an upper, more is a downer.

Hallucinogenic Drugs

The most popular to us are: Ketamine, better known as K, Special K, or Cat Valium. Phencyclidine, or PCP. Of course the most popular is D-lysergic acid diethylamide best known as LSD.  All of these drugs alter your state of mind.

Special K can be smoked, injected or swallowed in pill form. The effects can be felt within 2-3 minutes. If injected can be felt within 30 seconds. The initial feeling is intense relaxation or sometimes described as a “full- body buzz.” Like “floating” being out of one’s body or going through the “K-hole.”  

PCP is found in many different forms, white powder, crystals, capsules, tablets and liquids. In the 1950’s it was initially created as a surgical anesthesia. Depending on how it’s ingested, the effects can be felt within as little as 2 minutes but at times can take up to 30 minutes to an hour.

LSD is most commonly found as a “blotter.” This is a sheet of paper with a repetitive pattern. The colorless, odorless “acid” is dropped on the pattern. One design is then ripped off and placed on the tongue to be absorbed and then the paper is swallowed.

Effects of Hallucinogenic Drugs

  • Hallucinations– This is of course the most obvious. Users will have a severely altered state of reality where everything is distorted. It can be anything from seeing things that are not there to overreacting to objects moving and/ or attempting to harm them. These hallucination effects can create an avalanche of dangers including unforeseen accidental suicide and homicidal deaths.
  • Paranoia– People perceive danger where there is none, this could cause a user to hurt someone out of fear for their life. Or maybe they could hurt themselves thinking they are avoiding danger.
  • Accidental Overdose– Because doses on the street are not consistent, the effects of the drug can be felt at different times. The user may think it is not working or weak, then consequently, ingest more, leading to an accidental overdose of the drug. Dangerously elevated blood pressure and rapid/ irregular heart rate combined can lead to heart attack. This can also cause one to have a seizure.
  • Permanent Psychosis– There have been cases where people have used and never recovered. Their “trip” was so intense they now suffer from mental illness, their hallucinations/ psychosis never go away, now considered mentally ill. Some have to be permanently housed in facilities.
  • Flashbacks– Most users say they suffer from flashbacks. They can been clean for years yet will experience an hallucination at random. This can be done while engaging in any task, making this drug especially dangerous. No other drug does this kind of damage or with these kind of lasting long term side effects.
  • Death– This goes without saying because most of the side effects especially the hallucinogen effects can easily lead to death.
  • Dehydration– While tripping (like with most drugs) they are so consumed with the drug, they are not concerned with even a basic diet. Added with the commonly experienced sweating, nausea and vomiting one can easily become dehydrated.
  • Dissociation– A common hallucinogen effect. This is when the person is detached from the surrounding environment.
  • Derealization-The feeling that the outside world is a dream.
  • Depersonalization– The feeling of not being able to control one’s action. As if you are in a constant state of an outer body experience.
  • Mydriasis– Dilation of the pupils. These can become permanent for abusers. This leads to light sensitivity causing severe and frequent headaches even migraines which at times can be debilitating.
  • Depression– Because this drug interacts with so many of the brain’s’ functions this throw’s its chemistry out of balance, leading to depression. Also, not being able to function in one’s own skin combined with the laundry list of side effects, making it close to impossible to function.