How Rehab Can Help You Find Life After Addiction

Life After Addiction

In our contemporary world, addiction remains an issue that haunts the lives of millions of people in America. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that, in 2013, 17.3 million Americans were addicted to alcohol or had substantive issues related to it. Additionally, 4.2 million Americans met the criteria for abuse of or dependence on marijuana in 2013. Luckily, many people who find themselves in the haunting grip of addiction decide that they want to overcome their substance abuse issue in order to lead a healthier, happier life. If this is the case for you, it’s important to know that enrolling in a rehabilitation facility can help you realize your goal. Read on to learn why:

Life After Addiction with Professional Treatment

In many cases, addicts who are ready to start the recovery process seek to do so on their own. However, this is not the ideal course of action for many reasons. For example, individuals who seek to complete a drug detoxification without the assistance of professionals will likely not know how to monitor and manage withdrawal symptoms. It is for this reason and more that studies find individuals who attain treatment services in professional rehab settings are more likely to recover fully and avoid relapse.

How Rehab Services Can Help You Recover and Begin Life Anew

There are a wide range of services that are offered within the rehab setting to help facilitate mental, physical, and spiritual renewal that leads to life. Some of those services include:

One-on-One Counseling:

One-on-one counseling is a form of counseling in which the recovering addict meets privately with a counselor to discuss issues and concerns pertaining to drug addiction as well as how to facilitate recovery quickly and correctly. As noted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the counselor can provide a wide range of behavioral tasks in this setting. Some of them include:

• Helping the client admit that she or he is an addict
• Teaching the client key facts about addiction and the recovery process
• Motivating and encouraging the client
• Monitoring abstinence through the administration of breathalyzers and urine drug screens
• Analyzing relapse while also discouraging further use
• Reviewing the 12-step philosophy and encouraging the client to attend the program regularly

Group Counseling:

Group counseling is a setting in which the recovering addict can attain encouragement, assistance, and advice in the presence of other addicts. This form of counseling is oftentimes administered in conjunction with one-on-one counseling to ensure that the addict obtains multiple perspectives and forms of support.


Mentorship is a rehab service that involves pairing the recovering addict with a mentor who will provide her or him with ongoing support and information regarding the process of overcoming substance abuse. The mentor will be an individual who has successfully completed the recovery process and has remained sober for an extended period of time. These individuals can oftentimes provide the addict with unique perspectives and forms of support that they would not be able to attain from people who have not experienced the psychosomatic depravity of addiction and the struggle to free oneself from its grip.

Nutritional Counseling:

Nutritional counseling is another service provided by rehab facilities to help clients restore their life following addiction. This form of counseling involves teaching recovering addicts how to eat in a manner that facilitates maximum nutrition and optimal functioning of the physiological system. In some cases, rehab facilities provide addicts with personalized meal plans that enable them to enjoy a wide range of nutritious, delicious foods. The counselors will teach addicts valuable food knowledge and skills to ensure that they continue eating optimally once they are released from the rehab center.

Don’t Delay: Get Your Addiction Recovery Process Underway Today!

If you’re serious about putting drug addiction in the past and leading a more productive life, now is the time to begin the journey towards renewal. The best way to optimize your recovery process is by attaining professional services in a rehabilitation center. By obtaining professional assistance now, you can get on the road to healing and wholeness right now!