How Spirituality in Recovery is Helpful to Individuals

spirituality in recovery

When recovering from addiction, it is important to keep an open mind about everything. Keeping an open mind is also good when it comes to life in general. Experiences are good for the individual and their character. It is essential to choose to expose yourself to that which is good when in recovery. The life of an addict often forces them to seclude themselves from others. Spirituality in recovery, whether it is something new or common, can be extremely helpful.

Spirituality is part of nearly all twelve-step programs. Giving way to something more powerful can help recovering addicts overcome their addictions. The idea of spirituality is great in recovery because you can interpret it in any way. Using it in recovery can be adjusted to fit the needs of the individual making it incredibly efficient. It is a method that a treatment facility never forces on anyone. However, you can choose spirituality as your method of therapy.

Spirituality in Recovery

Spirituality in treatment is not necessarily relinquishing one’s self to a particular god or religion. Rather, it is the idea of a recovering addict coming to understand their inner-self, what makes them tick and what, primarily, is causing their path towards addiction. This enables those in treatment to find and follow their own path to recovery. Addiction does not have a cure. There is no universal treatment or prescription that rids them of their desire to continue to use and abuse drugs. Treatment must be geared to the individual because addictions are caused by a variety of actions, environments, and individual characters. Spirituality is universal by nature and therefore, a vital instrument in the battle against addiction. The better a recovering addict can understand themselves, the more equipped they are to overcome their addiction and continue to grow as a sober member of society.

The Benefits of Spirituality in Recovery

Spirituality in recovery is so beneficial because it can help to better a great number of aspects that go into addiction recovery. The most beneficial part of using spirituality in recovery is that it can help individuals gain control over their emotions and behaviors.

Impulse control might be the most important control to have as a recovering addict. This is especially true right after treatment as emotional responses can be quite extreme. This type of self-reliance therapy can help recovering addicts with their everyday life. It can mean as little as ten minutes a day to reflect on the life and path that they are following. This means taking a breath to reanalyze some decisions and developing a plan. The benefits of this are endless. Similarly, meditation and breathing are valuable tools in developing an understanding of being ‘centered’ and a practice for finding it in the most trying of times.

Spiritual practice can help recovering addicts maintain proper sleeping habits, which allows them to go to sleep happy and wake up just the same. Maintaining a routine is paramount to continued sobriety after treatment and keeping proper sleeping habits is therefore vital. Practicing spirituality has proved to be statistically helpful in reducing relapse. People who practice spirituality normally find meaning for their lives. Substance abuse and addiction allow people to carry on without meaning or purpose. Maintaining a spiritual life can help to keep you focused and find meaning for life.

Per Wickstrom, the founder of Choices Recovery promotes spirituality in their treatment programs because it works. People report being much happy and healthier when they open up to the idea of spirituality. Having a better understanding of one’s self and being goal-driven is at the root of spirituality. This can be very helpful in recovery.

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