President Makes Proclamation During National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

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The month of September is National Recovery Month. This is the month where recovering individuals and their family numbers and loved ones and support networks all get together and celebrate overall recovery from drugs and alcohol. This is the time of the year where the most effort is done and the most work is put into raising awareness and celebrating those who have made it into recovery but also more than that even mourning those who did not make it and who lost their lives as a result of drug and alcohol abuse.

As is tradition, this September, the President of United States himself gave a speech to the media about drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in this country and what he intends to do about it. As this is his first year in office, this was president Trump’s first official speech about this matter alone and by itself. While President Trump has talked about drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in the United States before, this was the first time where he gave a speech about this subject exclusively. He spoke of his intentions to address the problem and what he wants to do about it.

Addiction Recovery Statistics

When it comes down to it, addiction recovery statistics, whether they be specifically drug addiction recovery statistics or just general statistics on addiction recovery, statistics are what show us how bad addiction is, and President Trump definitely brought up some grim ones in his speech last week. While his speech was passionate and very firm in his stance about substance abuse, he did take the same route that most presidents do take in the discussion of substance abuse in September for National Recovery Month.He basically spoke about the country’s initiative to address substance abuse on two major friends. The first is of course with rehabilitation, which is to say the effort of addiction treatment centers to fully and completely address substance abuse and to actually rehabilitate anyone and everyone who is currently addicted to drugs and alcohol.

The other approach that President Trump also talked about was the preventative approach which is the efforts made within the country to try to stop drug and alcohol abuse and addiction from ever becoming a problem in people who have not yet been affected by it. This is the effort taken to basically stop people from getting addicted to drugs and alcohol in the first place. Education, crime prevention, raising awareness, preventing drug trafficking, and other efforts like that all fall under the category of prevention. All in all, this is a very effective and helpful approach for those who take part in it.

These were the main keynotes and takeaways of President Trump’s speech about substance abuse in this country. While it is true that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a growing problem in this country, in his first year of his presidency, Trump has made some pretty bold claims of his intentions to address substance abuse and the growth of addictions in this country. Now more so than perhaps ever before, it would seem like this issue is going to get a lot less concerning and a lot less fearful in the very near future, if the President is able to follow through. This is good too because drug and alcohol addiction is worse now than it ever has been before. With the right initiative and in the right intention, this problem can and must become a thing of the past. For more information on this, contact Choices Recovery today at (877) 474-7025.

Choices Recovery Celebrates National Recovery Month

Celebrate National Recovery Month

September is a very special month for many people. It marks the beginning of Fall with a fresh crispness in the air. It marks “Back to School” for students all over the US. September is also when millions of individuals across our nation celebrate National Recovery Month. At Choices Recovery, we celebrate recovery from addiction every day, but September is when we, along with many others, sponsor events which bring awareness and give a greater understanding of drug and alcohol addiction. National Recovery Month also honors those service providers who care for those in long-term treatment for addiction.

Some form of addiction touches practically every family in the United States today. We all know of someone who is struggling with addiction in their family. National Recovery Month celebrates the strides made by all those in recovery for their efforts and accomplishments in addiction treatment and regaining their sobriety and their good health. They are all a testament to others who are suffering from an addiction that they can get help and recover.

National Recovery Month – A Time for Education

National Recovery Month is also a time when we take the opportunity to educate others about prevention and teach measures that we can take as far as discussing addiction with our children and teens. We all need to let them know that they have a choice when it comes to peer pressure in school to do drugs or drink alcohol. We need to have discussions about how to say “no” when it comes to drug use. There are many extracurricular activities for them to participate in which do not involve drugs or alcohol.

National Recovery Month is also a time to educate individuals about the dangers of prescription painkillers and their potential for addiction. These drugs need to be carefully monitored when prescribed to patients to avoid leading to abuse or worse.

Celebrating Life After Addiction

Recovery Palooza is an event which celebrates those in recovery and honors the ones who provide services to individuals in need of treatment for addiction. During this event, sponsors provide information about how to obtain treatment for yourself or a loved one in need. Many times someone in need of help for addiction does not know where to start in the search to find the help so desperately needed.

Recovery Palooza is an event which features something for the entire family. It is truly a celebration to show that there is much promise for those who are in recovery from addiction. These survivors have much to offer their families and communities. They emerge from treatment with a whole new set of values and purpose in life.

Please join in the celebration of National Recovery Month and honor all those who have survived addiction and become healthier and happier individuals. Also, provide support to those in need of treatment for substance abuse and help them get the help they so deserve.

National Recovery Month at Choices Recovery

National Recovery Month at Choices

Although we celebrate recovery every month of the year at Choices Recovery, September is National Recovery Month. Our graduates wish to share their stories with others, as a way of giving back and offering hope to people experiencing struggling with addiction.

Graduates Speak During National Recovery Month

Matt J. struggled with alcoholism for many years. He had several periods of sobriety, but relapse was a constant issue for him.  “I’ve gone several years without drinking,” he said, “but I kept relapsing and could not understand why.” Through his individualized treatment program at Choices Recovery, Matt uncovered the issues fueling his drinking, and now has a more positive outlook for the future.

Keisha started smoking pot at a young age, and her drug use escalated quickly. “By the time I was 15-16, I had started doing pretty much everything,” she admits. “My life was very unmanageable. I wasn’t taking care of myself, and it was taking a toll on me.” After her time at our recovery center, Keisha discovered that a lifestyle without drugs or alcohol is more rewarding than she ever thought possible. “I’m excited to see the change in myself, and to see other people see it, but most of all just to know it in my heart.”

Brian started abusing alcohol when he was 20 years old. His addiction took over his life, and things began to get complicated. “I made a few bad decisions that I’ll be paying for the next few years. So, I brought myself here to fix and mend the problems that I had.”

Recovery is Different for Everyone

Lewis abused opiates throughout high school, eventually leading to a heroin addiction. This went on for close to a decade until he started using Crystal Meth. “I’ve done a lot of AA. It’s a nice program, but AA doesn’t really get to the ‘why.’” While AA and NA work for many, others find more benefit in a different recovery method. At choices, we offer multi-modality treatment options.

Linda lived a life of a functional alcoholic. “I have been drinking for many years,” she admits. “Still working, holding a job, hanging out with friends every once in a while. I realized that when I start drinking, I couldn’t stop.” Many people think that as long as they aren’t getting fired from their job or losing their home, there isn’t a problem. “I knew I needed help, but when it came out of my daughter’s mouth, that was a real big awakening,” she explains. “You’ve got to be ready. If you aren’t ready, it’s not going to work.”

We find that the most important part of a successful rehabilitation is the individual. Our patients are encouraged to explore all of our options until they find what will work best for them. They learn that recovery is a way of life and that a brighter tomorrow depends on the choices that they make today. We celebrate recovery every day, but National Recovery Month is a time for education and appreciation of all of our service providers also.


Matt’s Recovery Month Review

“I Truly Believe they Saved my Life Here”

At Choices Recovery, we’re saving lives this Recovery Month. What are you doing? Call Today.

Matt struggled with Alcoholism on and off for years. His periods of sobriety were short-lived, and he found himself in a volatile cycle of relapse and recovery. Finally, he and his wife decided to try an inpatient addiction rehabilitation program with Choices Recovery. Matt was hesitant to try a residential addiction rehabilitation program at first. He did not believe he had a real problem. Through the counseling and skills training programs at Choices Recovery, Matt uncovered the root issues contributing to his alcohol addiction. He realized that he had serious problems to address before he could be genuinely healthy. Until this point, he merely dealt with the symptoms of his addiction problem, which lead him to relapse over and over. This Recovery Month, Matt is empowered to truly maintain a sober recovery.

Together, Choices Recovery and Matt developed coping skills, and found recovery. Matt encourages anyone struggling with addiction to seek services and help at Choices Recovery. Rehab is only for a short time in what can be a long life. Consider calling for help today, and we’ll help you on the journey towards the rest of your life.

Join Choices Recovery and SAMHSA Voices for Recovery as we celebrate National Addiction Recovery Month this September, 2016.




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