Married to an Addicted: How to Know When It’s Time to Leave

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A marriage can be a beautiful and a rewarding union, and usually, it is. Typically, it is just that. Sometimes, however, things can come up that can create difficult issues and hardships within the marriage, and this is pretty normal. However, sometimes things can get really, really tricky within a marriage and the issues and the struggles that a marriage can face can be too much for it to bear. Certain things can come up in a marriage that can create difficulty and a hardship and a lot of struggles for people, and these can truly create a grueling and big problem situation for the marriage. Things can come up like adultery, serious financial problems, power struggles, and addiction.

A marriage can veritably be ruined by drug and alcohol addiction. When addiction comes into a marriage, people wonder, do drug addicts ever change? Well, as soon as they realize that drug addicts do not change unless they get into a rehab center that can help them kick their addiction habit, those spouses often then wonder how to end a relationship with an addict. Having a drug addict or an alcoholic for a spouse is one of the worst life situations that one could possibly face, and this is the simple and concerning truth of the matter. Though drug and alcohol addiction is a constant and a growing issue for those who have to deal with it, it is also a huge problem and a big worry for the family members and loved ones of those who are connected to that addict too.

How to Know When its Time to Go

How to know when its time to go? Love is not something you can just turn on and off like a switch. It just doesn’t work like that. There are a lot of other factors here to consider. People often wonder when the right time to leave an addicted spouse or loved one is. People often wonder just exactly how they are going to find peace of mind and freedom in their lives when faced with the struggles and difficulties of having an addicted spouse.

The simplicity of it is there are very straightforward signs and indicators that show you when it is time to leave your addicted spouse. For some of these signs, just one indication or happenstance is enough to call it quits. For some of these signs, several of them adding up indicate it is time to leave them:

  • Has your spouse, partner, or significant other abused you or the kids physically or verbally?
  • Has your spouse, partner, or significant other used drugs or alcohol in front of you or the kids?
  • Has your spouse, partner, or significant other gotten high or strung out or drunk in front of the kids?
  • Has your spouse, partner, or significant other refused to go seek help at a rehab center?
  • Has your spouse, partner, or significant other ever stolen from you or from anyone else?
  • Has your spouse, partner, or significant other seriously impacted the lives of your kids or your life?
  • Has your spouse, partner, or significant other created constant and permanent turmoil in your life or in the lives of your kids because of their substance abuse?

How to Leave a Drug Addict?

Do you know how to leave a drug addict? The thing with leaving a drug addict or alcoholic spouse, partner, or significant other is that the above situations have gotten so bad that your life or the lives of your kids are now being seriously, negatively impacted by the person’s habits. When this happens, you need to throw in the towel and call it quits with them. When this happens the truth of the matter is that people really do need to stop with what they are doing. They need to just put their foot down and leave the person.

What they don’t realize is that their leaving their spouse will often have a very good effect on their spouse. Realistically, getting away from the spouse is a form of the tough love approach, and this can actually have a very good effect on the person. Suddenly losing their spouse and kids can be enough of a slap in the face to show them that they really do need to make a change and they really do need to do something about their habits.

Getting away from a substance-abusing spouse can give a person the peace of mind and the stability that they need to start rebuilding and stabilizing their lives. This can make a spouse want rehab. Furthermore, getting people off of an addiction and getting them these types of tools can be very helpful and very effective for getting that person to realize the direction their lives are going in. Call Choices Recovery today for more information at 877-692-2313.

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