Delayed Adulthood: Why It’s Putting More Young Adults at Risk for Addiction

addiction and young adults

There is no doubt that adulthood absolutely does have its challenges. When people become adults, they are suddenly thrown into a totally different lifestyle with demands for self-sufficiency, self-sustainability, etc. They are suddenly living a new and different life, one of which is very different, very demanding, and sometimes very scary and even hard to confront for them.

Studies show that the millennial generation is notorious for staying at their parents’ home for longer, or for coming back to live at the home of their parents after they leave college. For some reason, the youth of today has a harder time spreading their wings and leaving the nest, really jumping into adulthood, than generations of previous years. There are a lot of different schools of thought as to why this is, and as to why it is so that young people today seem to have a proclivity for delaying adulthood. The important factor here is that this is happening, and it is happening all too often.

Substance Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

At the same time that young people are experiencing delayed adulthood more then perhaps ever before, we are also seeing skyrocketing statistics of young adults who are starting to use and abuse drugs and alcohol. True enough, young adult substance abuse and drug and alcohol abuse are now at levels never before seen, which makes the whole future of the new generation look even more concerning than it already is. For a substance abuser and their family, life can get very hectic and unpleasant very, very quickly.

When people use and abuse drugs and alcohol, they essentially sign themselves up for failure in all other areas. It is thought that there is a connection between substance abuse and alcohol abuse and all that goes into these problems and difficulties. It is thought that delayed adulthood is actually a strong, leading factor in why young people are abusing drugs and alcohol at rates never before seen.

How to Address the Issue

The way to properly approach and handle this issue is twofold. There are basically two methods of handling young adults and substance abuse and they are prevention and rehabilitation.

  • Prevention. We already know that young adults are statistically speaking a lot more likely to use and abuse drugs and alcohol than other demographics are. Following from logic then it would make the most sense to give these individuals a lot of quality education on the matters of substance abuse and to really get them thinking about drug and alcohol abuse and addiction as being a very serious and a very real problem for them. Really, these individuals need to fully and completely understand all of the factors and issues involved with substance abuse, as it all comes down to their own need to know and better understand these issues and problems.
  • Rehabilitation. For those who are already addicted to drugs and alcohol, there is, of course, the necessary rehabilitation approach that has to be taken at this time. When people use and abuse drugs and alcohol they find themselves in a position where they struggle immensely and intensively with the issue, and they need to kick the habit with the right tools and the right treatment methods and services. This is the approach of rehabilitation. With rehabilitation, anyone who is addicted to anything is able to go free from their habit for life.

With the help of prevention and rehabilitation both, people can actually go free from a habit once and for all. Call Choices Recovery today, 877-474-7025, to get started on the path to recovery and abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

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