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At Choices Recovery, we understand the urgency of providing effective treatment for those individuals who are struggling with addictions to drugs or alcohol. Our goal is to help addiction sufferers reverse the physical and emotional damages so they can resume their place in society and enjoy productive, happy lives.

To help our clients in every way possible, we have created a treatment program that aims to address every contributing factor in the addiction. None of our clients are forced to participate in a treatment plan they are not comfortable with. Regardless of the drug involved, the severity of the addiction, or the physical and mental health of the individual, we have a program that will bring about a lasting recovery.

Studies carried out in 2012 show that over 23 million Americans met the criteria of having a drug or alcohol dependency. These numbers increase daily, thus increasing the need for treatment facilities that can provide a personalized program based on the addicted individual's needs. Choices Recovery is one of those facilities. Our program is proven to be one of the most successful programs available nationwide today. We accomplish this in a variety of ways:

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Dedicated, Compassionate Staff

The staff at Choices Recovery are highly skilled professionals who were chosen because of their ability to display respect and compassion to clients at all times. Additionally, our staff's experience in the field of addiction treatment gives clients a better chance of receiving the highest level of care available. Our staff is available 24/7 to ensure clients that someone is always available to offer advice, encouragement, or just to talk. We take pride in our ability to help clients overcome their feelings of fear, guilt, and shame and replace those negative thoughts with life-affirming thoughts and behaviors.

Comprehensive, Individualized Treatment Plans

One of the most outstanding aspects of our program is that we allow clients to create a treatment plan based on the specifics of their situation. For example, we offer options such as holistic, traditional, or faith-based approaches to treatment. Clients can also choose from a wide range of activities designed to enhance self-esteem and life-skills which will be invaluable tools for the client to utilize when they return to the outside world.

Comforting, Secure Environment

When first entering our facility at Choices Recovery, clients are instantly put at ease by the calming atmosphere we have carefully designed for their benefit. Throughout their stay in our program, clients know they are being cared for and protected. We believe this is a crucial aspect of successful recovery, because recovering addicts should not have to worry about trivial things that distract from the healing process. We take care of all of his or her needs, enabling each client to focus entirely on themselves.

Group and Individual Counseling

Counseling sessions are often misunderstood and avoided because many people feel that they already know what their problem is and don't want to participate in exploring the issue any further. However, without proper counseling, the individual is in jeopardy of relapsing because they don't fully understand the extent of their reasons for abusing drugs or alcohol.

Individual counseling is often best for some clients because they aren't comfortable sharing their deepest feelings and secrets with others in a group setting. Working one-on-one with a counselor can help these individuals be open and honest with themselves to better understand what led to their addiction and how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Group counseling is beneficial for many because it gives individuals an opportunity to learn from others and to recognize that they aren't alone in this struggle. At Choices Recovery, our counselors are aware that there will be good days and bad days, and they are skilled in providing the exact level of support needed at any given time.

You or Your Loved One Deserve the Best

The process of choosing the best addiction treatment program can be overwhelming. The abundance of information is difficult to sort through, and it's hard to determine what is true and what isn't. One way to make an informed decision is by contacting Choices Recovery today and learn about what we have to offer. We have years of experience in treating addictions and have gained the knowledge necessary for providing the high level of care you need and deserve.

Making the right choice for your recovery begins with Choices Recovery. Call now and let us help you get started on your new life.

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